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Nor­urorka hf. (Nordurorka Ltd. - Utility Company)

Nor­urorka Ltd. main role is to services homes and businesses with processing and distribution of hot water and drinking water, distribution of electricity and sewer operations. Nor­urorka Ltd. may also participate in activities that can use resources in the operation area, as well as the company researches, knowledge or equipment, to promote the community.

Nor­urorka was established on August 1st. in the year 2000, with the merger of Akureyri Electricity Utility and Akureyri Heating and Water Utilities.á

On December 13th. in the year 2002 Al■ingi, Icelandic Parliament, adopted law on transitions of Nordurorka from Municipality Company to Limited Company. The "new" company started operating on January 1st in the year 2003.á This decision was linked to changes in legislation regarding separation between production and sale of electricity (competitive business) on one hand and distributing of electricity on the other hand (concession activities - public sector).á Also it was linked to possible mergers with other Utilities in surrounding areas.

Nor­urorka operating units:
Heating Utility. Processing and utilization of geothermal energy.
Water Utility. Processing and utilization of drinking water/potable water. (Spring water and ground water.)
Electricity Utility. Distribution of electricity.
Sewer Utility. Operations of sewer system and sewage treatment plant.
Production and sale of electricity. Fallorka Ltd. (wholly owned subsidiary).

Quality system
On December 29, 2009 Nor­urorkaáobtained the ISO 9001 quality system certificate.
The scope of the certificateáis operations of distribution systems for hot water, drinking water and electricity, covering research on production areas for hot water supply and water supply, design, construction and maintenance of necessary constructions and utilities.

HACCP - International food control systems - Part of our Quality system.
Nor­urorka operate water utilities delivering drinking water to all its customers, homes and businesses.á As such the company is one of the largest food producers in North Iceland and therefore also important water supplier to other food producer in the area.
Our HACCP - Quality Management system is certified by the Public Health Authority with external audit and regularly certified on a yearly basic.
Our Water Utility was one of the first companies in Iceland to receive HACCP certification in the year 1998.

Nor­urorka hf. (Nordurorka Ltd.) - Introduction (2013) (pdf)


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